Type 2 diabetes is a reversible syndrome (at least in the early years after diagnosis) – Counterpoint study

Not many would have missed news reports a few weeks ago claiming “Cure for type 2 diabetes”. This resulted in a lot of calls to our diabetes team asking for the “cure”. When 600kcal/day diet was mentioned and what it actually entailed most politely lost interest! So what is the hoopla about?

In the Counterpoint (Counteracting the Pancreas Inhibition by Triglyceride) study eleven people with type 2 diabetes went on a 600kcal/day diet (sound difficult!!!). Lots of the metabolic abnormalities in type 2 diabetes were corrected and at the end of the study volunteers were given advice about healthy eating with goal to avoid weight gain. Three months later only 3 out of 11 has blood glucose within the diabetic range. Thus in the early stages after diagnosis, type 2 diabetes is a reversible diagnosis. Of course a very low calorie diet is not easy and not for every one there- in fact maybe only a small proportion. But, I think diabetes teams should be poised to help the motivated patient(s) who refuse to take type 2 diabetes as a life sentence. In the long term gains for the individual and the society will be significant.

Further information can be accessed here

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