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Type 1 diabetes awareness video by @jdrfuk & @diabetesuk

It is Diabetes week and it has been amazing and humbled to see various fundraising and awareness raising campaigns. JDRFUK and DiabetesUK have made a very effective and emotional video to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes so diagnosis is not delayed. In the early 90s there was a campaign in Parma region of Italy to raise awareness and was deemed to be very effective and has since been the benchmark for diabetes awareness campaigns. I think this new video will capture the imagination and hopefully will go viral!


What patients and doctors want….

“Patients want doctors who know them as individuals, use medical technology thoughtfully, and a system that is highly reliable, safe, and focused on them to stay well or get them better.  Doctors want patients who are partners in their care, technology that enables them to get the accurate information they need real-time, and a system that is streamlined to allow doctors to be healers.” says Davis Liu

This quote encapsulates what we all should be striving to achieve for our patients. Of course we will only be able to reach a small minority now but it will get easier and more cost effective as time goes on.